Import Your Members
Once your members have been imported they can login using their GHIN number immediately.  No complicated account creation or pesky setup procedures. 

Smart E-mail Notifications
Members receive e-mail notifications automatically.  They'll know when they've been added or dropped from a team, tee time has been assigned, and reminded 24 hours before the event.

Integrates in Minutes!
TourneyMate integrates its golf tournament organization tools right into your existing website!  No need to overhaul or spend hundreds.  Just integrate, import, schedule, GOLF!

Member Type Control
TourneyMate allows you to restrict join privileges to specific member types.  Visitors to your website can see all the tournaments, but you control who can join them.

ZERO Installed Software
TourneyMate works through the web.  That means you and your members interact with the system just like any other website.  There's no software to buy or maintain.

Members Love It!
TourneyMate is ridiculously easy-to-use.  Nobody likes complicated and that's why we've kept it lean and simple.

FREE For Now, Affordable Tomorrow!
TourneyMate is currently looking for golf courses interested in participating in a special focus group to further develop TourneyMate features.  Become apart of this exclusive group and be apart of TourneyMate's development cycle! Contact Nick McNaboe at 415-488-5534.